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Frequently Asked Questions

What is One Day Decisions?

One Day Decisions is an online service designed to settle dollar-based disputes of any amount between two parties who don’t want to waste time and money in court, mediation, arbitration or collection. When you use One Day Decisions, any dollar-based dispute can be settled using any internet-enabled device – in as little as one day

You both bid on the settlement amount from your home, office or anywhere else! One Day Decisions does the rest.

Courts, mediation, arbitration and collection agencies take too long to settle matters. Most people aren't happy about the outcome. And there's never a guarantee of payment or collection. With One Day Decisions, you both end up happier: the payer gets a discount and receiver gets paid fast!

Is there a limit on the amount One Day Decisions will settle?

No. One Day Decisions can settle any dollar-based dispute for any amount, payable online by check or credit card.

Why should I use One Day Decisions?

There are lots of reasons why people prefer One Day Decisions to court or collection agencies:

1. Faster and less expensive than court, arbitration, collections or mediation: Small Claims, Civil Court, collection -- and most mediation and arbitration -- require you to be there, waiting in line and appearing in courtrooms. That’s time taken away from your work, your life and your other responsibilities.

2. No damage to your credit score: If you lose in court, even if you pay the entire amount at the time the judge decides against you, your credit score can take a major dive, which could prevent you from buying a car or a home. With OneDayDecisions, you pay for your Certificate of Final Resolution by credit card, which means you can pay off the settlement like any other purchase. You can also pay your settlement online from your checking account.

3. Courts don’t allow credit card payments: You usually have to pay the entire amount by cash or cashier’s check. Because One Day Decisions allows credit card payments, you can pay for your Certificate of Final Resolution exactly the way you pay any other item by credit card (you can also pay your settlement online from your checking account).

4. You can settle in a day instead of months: In California, for example, the average court cases drag on for more than 90 days before they're heard – and that’s if the other guy or the judge doesn’t delay or drag it out even longer. With One Day Decisions, the entire matter can be resolved and out of your life in one day.

5. No wasted money: With One Day Decisions, you spend no money on lawyers, collection agencies, parking, gas, court fees, collection fees or other associated costs. One Day Decisions charges nothing to set up your case and check if the other guy wants to settle. You can settle the entire matter quickly, once and for all, from any internet access via desktop, laptop or mobile device, for a one-time, non-refundable service fee.

6. No courtroom drama or stress: With One Day Decisions, you never have to face the other guy (or his attorney) in a courtroom. You submit your case, he submits his and in a few clicks, the entire matter can be finished forever.

7. Faster and fairer than collections: Collection agencies take as much as 30% of the amount they can recover (not the full amount of the debt), which can leave you with less than half of what you're due. With One Day Decisions, you're far more likely to get much more, much faster -- and the person paying you gets a little discount and much easier payment terms.

How much does it cost?

We charge both sides a small non-refundable fee, usually around 4% of the final settlement amount. So instead of your paying hundreds in court, filing and collection fees, you only pay a fraction of that; as low as $19 each. And it's all done with a credit card online (settlements can be paid by check online), from anywhere, which saves you from losing days away from work.

Aren't you just "splitting the baby?"

No, simply splitting the disputed amount wouldn't be fair to either of you. You both agree that the matter has some value. And you both agree the value isn't zero. Splitting the difference would be unfair. Our algorithms are designed to calculate an amount that both of you would consider fair enough to resolve the matter quickly. You also participate in deciding the value of the settlement, instead of leaving it up to a judge who has no idea of what the real value of your case is. That's why we ask you each to submit a Secret Best Offer. It greatly increases the chances of both of you walking away faster and happier.

What is a settlement service?

One Day Decisions is a settlement service, meaning we're not about deciding who's wrong and who's right; we're more concerned about "getting it over with" so that you can both get on with your lives. We're all about settling the matter, not judging it, which is where you should be focused, too.

How does One Day Decisions work?

Simple: If someone owes you money, you register your case at – for free. We call and send the other party a Demand Letter by e-mail (which courts require before filing a court case), inviting them to settle. Both of you must agree before we start the process. If you both agree, you each pay a low, one-time, non-refundable fee. Each party submits his case description and a confidential “best offer” he’s willing to accept. One Day Decisions provides a settlement amount and notifies both of you. If you both agree, the person pays for the Certificate of Final Resolution and you’re sent a check for the full amount within 7 to 10 business days. IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter the other party's DIRECT E-MAIL and DIRECT PHONE NUMBER. We cannot settle your case without BOTH.

Download the Step-by-Step E-Guide

This step-by-step e-guide shows you how quick and easy it is to settle with One Day Decisions. Download as PDF.

What is a Best Secret Offer?

Each party submits a Best Secret Offer, which is the very best offer they'd accept to settle the matter. We don't show or tell anyone what your Best Secret Offer is, but we do use it to help us settle the case for you. In most cases, your Best Secret Offer will be very different from the settlement amount you both eventually accept. The most important aspect of your Best Secret Offer is making it reasonable. Don't try to gouge the other guy by making it too low or too high. Make it motivating enough for him to accept and finalize the settlement.

If your case requires an additional round (you get a total of three), it's a good idea to adjust your Best Secret Offer to make the next round more appealing to both of you.

How many rounds of settlement offers are there?

One Day Decisions offers up to three rounds of settlement offers for the two of you to agree upon. You can both accept on the first, second or third round. If you’re smart, you’ll accept the first round and get it over with. Also, each round is calculated separately, which means the next round could be lower – or it could be higher. So be smart: if the offer looks reasonable, grab it and get the matter over with.

How do I check the status of my case?

Here is how you can check the status of your case.

1. Go to
2. Click the red “Member Login” button on the left.
3. Enter your email address and password and then click the gray “Login” button.
4. Click the red “My Cases” button at the center-top of the “Welcome Back” page.
5. On the the “My Cases” page, on the far right under “Links" you can click “Details” to see your case’s status.

What do I do if I lost my notification e-mail?

We send reminder e-mails if we haven't heard from you, but at any time, you can log on to the site and click "My Cases." You'll see a link with your case number that will display the last e-mail sent. Go ahead and click the link in that e-mail, and you're back in business.

What happens if we can't agree after three rounds?

We’ll coach you both through up to three rounds, advising you to take the reasonable offer. But if you aren’t reasonable, no offer will ever be accepted by you both. If after three rounds, the two of you still can’t agree, we’ll give you both an additional 24 hours to accept the final, third offer. If, after 24 hours, the two of you still don’t accept the settlement, the case is officially closed: You both forfeit your service fee and you’re both off to court or collection, precisely where you don’t want to be.

How do I know I'll get my money?

You can trust One Day Decisions the same way you trust the most reputable online services like PayPal or VenMo -- maybe even more, because we provide you with an e-mail paper trail every step of the way. Aside from that, our business depends on people like you referring us to your friends. There's no amount of money that would be worth losing your trust -- or your business.

Why does One Day Decisions pay by paper check instead of electronic transfer?

One Day Decisions is determined to keep your information as safe and secure as possible, while keeping our service as simple and fast as possible. Believe it or not, mailing paper checks is the most secure system in existence. Nobody can hack it and snail mail only adds an extra day or two.

Are there any hidden or extra fees?

Nope. Once the two of you agree to use One Day Decisions, you each pay a one-time, non-refundable service fee (about 4% of the settlement amount). There are no other charges, fees or costs.

Does One Day Decisions offer legal advice?

No, One Day Decisions is not a legal service. We do not provide legal advice to anyone for any reason. One Day Decisions is not a mediation or arbitration service. We do not adjudicate issues or decide who’s right or wrong. One Day Decisions is a settlement service, designed to help the two of you get on with your lives as quickly as possible.

What kinds of issues can One Day Decisions settle?

We settle any dollar-based dispute or any dispute that can be settled for a price. There are all kinds of reasons for people to settle. One Day Decisions settles any matter that can be reduced to a dollar amount, for example:

A contractor doesn’t finish a project, One Day Decisions can’t force him to fulfill his contract. However, you may calculate an amount which the contractor could pay you to let him walk away from the job so that you could pay another contractor. One Day Decisions would settle the dollar amount which the contractor would pay you in order to release him from the contract.

Whether it's a person, business or a credit card company, we can settle your dollar-based dispute -- as long as you provide the other party's direct e-mail and direct phone number.

As long as you can attach a dollar amount to any matter, One Day Decisions can help you.

If I'm the one who owes someone money, can I use One Decisions to settle my debt?

Yes! Of course! When you owe someone money, they’re delighted to hear you want to pay. With One Day Decisions, you simply register the case and begin. Chances are that the other party will want to settle because they’ll get their money faster – and you’ll likely get a discount for paying faster.

Do both parties have to be in the same state, county or city?

No! Unlike courts, whose jurisdictions usually can’t reach beyond county or state boundaries, you can use One Day Decisions anywhere in North America. As long as we can contact both parties with their direct phone numbers and e-mail addresses (not corporate office phone or e-mail), we can settle the matter for you in as little as one day.

Do I ever have to talk to the other party?

No! One Day Decisions handles everything for both of you, so you never have to stare down the other guy in court or communicate in any way. We handle the other guy for you. A real stress reliever!

What kind of evidence do I have to submit?

We ask you to describe the case in your own words and give you the option to upload documents or photos or videos you like for archiving purposes, but which are not necessary for settlement. Don’t worry if you don’t have evidence. It's not required. Simply describing the case is enough to get the matter settled.

How long is the time from settlement to receiving my payment?

We do our very best to get a check in your hands within 7 to 10 business days of final settlement.

What kinds of credit cards/checks can I pay with?

We accept major credit cards and advise you to make sure the credit card with which you make your payment can accommodate the amount you're paying. For settlements, we accept credit cards and payment by checks online. If you doubt your credit limit on your card can accommodate the amount, either make arrangements to use a credit card that can sustain the amount or consider calling your credit card issuer to see if they'll help by raising your limit, even for a one time charge. Many credit card companies can be very helpful in this respect and see this as a means of true customer service. You'll usually find their customer service number printed right on the back of your card.

How secure is my data?

It’s extremely secure, because we don’t store anything valuable like credit card information or bank account numbers. The only data we store is your contact information and your case details, all of which are fortressed with extra-strong security. We never send any information about your matter through e-mail; we simply notify you by e-mail that contains a link so that you can log on securely to our site for updates.

Which operating systems does One Day Decisions require?

You can be on a Mac or a PC or just about any mobile device – it doesn’t matter. If you’re able to read this, you have all the technology you need to use One Day Decisions. We’re web-based, which means all you need to use our service is a connection to the internet and an e-mail account so we can send you notifications.

How do I know my case is settled once and for all?

By paying for the Certificate of Final Resolution with your credit card, both parties are agreeing to drop all proceedings forever and that the matter has been permanently resolved. The credit card payment locks the agreement in place, because you're paying for the Certificate of Final Resolution to document your agreement. After that, One Day Decisions prepares the Certificate of Final Resolution (CFR) for both of you to download, so that you have written proof that the two of you settled the matter. If you lose your Certificate of Final Resolution, simply click the link in your settlement e-mail to download another.

How long does One Day Decisions archive my case?

We reserve the right to maintain all records, chronologies, communications and data related to your case indefinitely, mainly for the purpose of proving what we did for you and when we did it. That way, if there are any questions about how we handled your case, we're able to provide a complete account of events and approvals as they occurred.

Does One Day Decisions offer a revenue-sharing affiliate program?

Yes, we do! If you'd like to introduce One Day Decisions to more people, we're happy to welcome you as an affiliate. Simply use the Contact page and we'll have a representative get in touch with you.

One Day Decisions retains the right to terminate any case or customer who is deemed to be abusing its services.

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